Ski France and Ski France Classic Chalets are trading names of Ski France  Ltd, company number 3880065, registered address and postal address: 44 Connaught Street, London W2 2AA, UK.

Ski France Ltd is a member of the Association of British Travel Agents (ABTA), ABTA number Y0107.

Ski France Ltd is 100% owned by their parent holding company, EUROGROUP SAS, capital of 2.100.000€, SIREN number 383 109 873, SIRET number 383 873 00232, registered at the Commerce de Chambéry, APE number 5510Z, inter-community VAT number FR08383109873, registered address: 472 rue de la Leysse, 73000 Chambéry, FRANCE.


The Booking Conditions presented here, together with the Privacy Policy and any other written information brought to the client’s attention before and in the process of confirming their booking, form the basis of the client’s contract with Ski France and Ski France Classic Chalets and apply to all of the holiday properties and destinations Ski France and Ski France Classic Chalets provide.  Ski France and Ski France Classic Chalets ask that the Client reads them carefully as they set out the respective rights and obligations.  In these Booking Conditions, references to “the client” refer to the named person on the booking and all persons on whose behalf a booking is made, or any other person to whom a booking is added or transferred.

By making a booking, the named person on the booking agrees to the following conditions on behalf of all persons detailed on the booking:

  1. He/she has read these terms and conditions and has the authority to and does agree to be bound by them;
  2. He/she consents to Ski France and Ski France Classic Chalets use of information in accordance with their Privacy Policy.
  3. He/she is over 18 years of age and, where placing an order for services with age restrictions, declares that he/she and all members of the party are of the appropriate age to purchase those service.

All information about the holiday properties and services on offer is available to consult via the websites Ski France Classic Chalets and Ski France and via their sales advisors who can be contacted by telephone, by webchat and by email.

The legal information is presented in English and is available at the moment of online purchase.

  1. Object of the booking
  2. Prices
  3. Deposit and payment of the balance
  4. Payment security
  5. Local holiday taxes
  6. Modifications made to key elements of the reservation by Ski France or Ski France Classic Chalets
  7. Modifications made to key elements of the reservation by the Client
  8. Cancellation conditions
  9. Cancellation due to issues relating to Covid-19
  10. Early departure
  11. Transfers
  12. Arrival and departure times
  13. Damage deposit
  14. Accommodation unit and its contents
  15. Client obligations
  16. Responsibility
  17. Complaints
  18. Other information
  19. Penalty clause
  20. Termination of contract
  21. Legal competence

Notice: The contents of the Ski France and Ski France Classic Chalets website has been compiled with utmost care. It is nonetheless possible that errors, material or otherwise, may have occurred. We would also like to indicate that the photographs featured in our brochure and on our website are non-contractual and impose neither obligation nor responsibility on our part. They are for illustrative purposes only.


  1. Object of the booking:

Each booking is made under the condition of temporary residence only. It is strictly forbidden for clients to use accommodation as a principal or even secondary residence. Under no circumstances may professional or commercial business be conducted from the premises.

The contract will be governed by English law and any disputes which arise must be brought within the courts of England and Wales.


  1. Prices:

Ski France and Ski France Classic Chalets reserve the right to modify the prices online at any time and for any reason. Products and services will be charged according to the rates in place at the time of booking. All prices include tax and are stated in either GBP or Euros, depending on which version of the site is being consulted. The currency is clearly stated on the website and all documents sent out.  All bookings, regardless of their country of origin, are to be paid in GBP or Euros, depending on the currency with which the booking was made. Prices are per unit of accommodation and per week, unless otherwise stated. Local holiday taxes, optional services and the cost of sporting activities (unless otherwise indicated) are not included; neither is the damage deposit, which is to be paid by the client upon arrival.


  1. Deposit and payment of the balance:

Upon booking, the client must pay part or the total amount of the booking, dependent upon the arrival date.

For a booking made less than 40 days before arrival date:

The total amount of the booking must be paid online or by telephone at the time of booking.

For a booking made more than 40 days before the arrival date:

30% of the deposit to be paid at the time of the booking. The remaining balance is to be paid a month before arrival. This payment must be made within 72 hours of the payment reminder.


Secure payments can be made via the INGENICO secure e-payment system using Visa, MasterCard or American Express.

If the Client wishes to pay secondary instalments by bank transfer or another payment card, he/she must inform Ski France or Ski France Classic Chalets. Failure to do so will result in the original bank card being debited the amount due.


Ski France and Ski France Classic Chalets reserve the right to cancel a client’s booking if payment of the balance is not received by the date indicated and after payment reminders have been issued.


  1. Payment Security:

Thanks to our secure INGENICO server payment system, we guarantee total security on all your transactions. For that reason we use the highest performing cryptographic system on the market: SSL (Secure Socket Layer).

This Cryptographic system is the most widely used on the internet to protect the transmission of information between a client and a server. It allows for the transfer of your bank details online with total security. Furthermore, it is compatible with the latest versions of all the browsers on the market.

The SSL software encrypts all the client’s bank details at the moment of their entry. Through their unique transfer via Internet, it is then impossible to read the bank details, meaning we never have access to them.


  1. Local holiday taxes:

Holiday taxes are not included in the prices. As an indication, the amount tends to vary from 0.20 € to 3.00 € per person, per night. This tax is a fixed amount in each resort, and is regularly revised by the local authorities, to whom we are required to transfer the tax collected from our clients.


6.Modifications made to key elements of the reservation by Ski France Classic Chalets or Ski France :

In unforeseen or unavoidable circumstances, excluding cancellation for Covid-19 reasons (as stated in Clause 9) Ski France or Ski France Classic Chalets reserve the right to modify one or more of the services on offer. This includes both the accommodation itself and any optional additional services. The client will not be charged for any unavailable services.

Should the aforementioned situation arise the client will be notified of these modifications by e-mail or telephone. The client may then choose to either:

– Terminate his/her contract and be fully reimbursed.

– Accept the modifications or the alternative holiday proposed by Ski France or Ski France Classic Chalets.

Both parties will then sign an amendment detailing the modification. Should there be a reduction or increase in cost, this will be deducted from, or added to, the outstanding balance owed by the Client. If payment has already been made in full and exceeds the price of the substitute holiday, the surplus will be refunded to the client before the end of their stay.


  1. Modifications made to key elements of the reservation by the Client :

The length of stay is stated in the booking confirmation. If the client wishes to extend their stay, the length of the stay may be extended, at the discretion of Ski France and Ski France Classic Chalets, provided there is sufficient availability. Ski France and Ski France Classic Chalets are under no obligation to offer the client the same chalet or the same rates as the original reservation. In the case of an extended stay with a revised price, the new price will be applied as of the original arrival date. In the case of a shortened stay, which is not subject to the cancellation conditions, the price will be revised to correspond to the shortened length of stay and will apply from the original arrival date.  For such a change of dates, the client must put the requested modifications in writing and send the request to Ski France or Ski France Classic Chalets and an administration fee of 35€, or 35 GBP, will be charged and must be paid no later than 31 days before the arrival date.


  1. Cancellation conditions:

If the client cancels a reservation,  except for reasons specifically related to Covid-19 and as detailed in Clause 9,  the following amounts will be retained:

More than 30 days before the arrival date: the deposit.

Between 30 and 21 days before the arrival date: 45% of the total cost of the holiday.

Between 20 and 8 and days before the arrival date: 60% of total cost of holiday.

Between 7 and 4 days before the arrival date: 90% of total cost of holiday.

3 days or less before the arrival date: full cost of holiday.

In order to cancel a booking, written notice must be given to Ski France or Ski France Classic Chalets.  The date of cancellation will be considered to be the date on which this written cancellation is received.


In the case of a booking made with the ‘Free Cancellation’ terms and rates, the client can cancel up to the date specified at the time of booking, or the number of days before arrival specified at the time of booking, without any fees being charged and any fees paid will be refunded. If the client cancels after this date the cancellation fees will be equal those noted above.  These Free Cancellation terms and rates only apply to certain properties and certain dates of stay.


For bookings made with the ‘Non-refundable’ rate (or for bookings made during certain promotions whereby a non-refundable policy is indicated), the cancellation conditions indicated above do not apply.  A booking made with the Non-refundable rate will not be refunded or re-credited to the client’s account.


Group bookings :  For all bookings of 4 or more accommodation units, the following cancellation conditions apply :

More than 30 days before the arrival date: the deposit.

Less than 30 before the arrival date: the total cost of the holiday


Ski Extras : Ski hire and ski passes can be cancelled, without any cancellation fee, up to 7 days before arrival.  For cancellations less than 7 days before arrival the full amount will be charged and no refund or credit note is possible.


Ski France and Ski France Classic Chalets reserve the right, in exceptional cases, to cancel a booking within the first 24 hours of the booking being made. In this case, the bankcard will be immediately re-credited.


9.Cancellation due to issues relating to Covid-19
If free cancellation is no longer applicable and the accommodation is cancelled by Ski France, Ski France Classic Chalets or by the client for one of the following reasons :

  • The relevant local ski area is closed due to the Covid-19 pandemic,
  • The French government or local authorities has stipulated that holiday accommodation cannot operate,
  • There is a prohibition on movement of people that prevents clients from travelling to their booked holiday accommodation,
  • The French government requires visitors to quarantine on arrival in France,
  • The FCO or equivalent government body for the client’s country of origin requires clients to quarantine on return from their holiday,

Ski France or Ski France Classic Chalets will offer the client a choice between the following options:

  • Postpone the booking to the corresponding week the following year or the one after (depending on availability), in the same property, at no extra cost, even if the cost of that week would otherwise have risen
  • Defer all monies paid onto a future holiday booking at any of their properties, taken any time in the next 2 years, and valid at properties across the whole of the group, summer or winter.


  1. Early departure:

The client is not entitled to compensation or reimbursement of any kind if they shorten or interrupt their stay, regardless of the reason (including strike action or repatriation on medical grounds, etc.).In addition, any unused service will not be refunded.


  1. Transfer service:

If the client has reserved a transfer from an airport or railway station, this service is provided by a sister company: MV Transport.  The booking conditions for these transfers can be found on the following page:


  1. Arrival and departure times:

The chalets rooms are available to the client as of 5pm. On the day of departure they must be vacated by 10am, otherwise the client will be invoiced for an extra day in the accommodation. In the case of a late arrival, i.e. after 8pm, the client must contact Ski France, Ski France Classic Chalets or the site manager to agree an arrival time or an access to the accommodation after reception is closed.


  1. Damage deposit:

A damage deposit is requested upon the client’s arrival: 750-1000 Euros for chalets.  The deposit will be returned within 15 days of the client’s departure. This delay allows the site manager to see any damages that may not be immediately noticeable. On departure, if extra cleaning or repair work is necessary in the chalet or if a broken or damaged item needs replacing, the amount will be deducted from the damage deposit and an invoice can be provided.  The client will be charged 40 Euros for any lost key. Throughout his/her stay, the client is automatically held fully responsible for any object that is damaged or broken and for any other damage to any other contents of the property.


  1. Accommodation unit and its contents:

The chalets are fully equipped with cutlery, crockery and bedding. Due to the possibility of many simultaneous arrivals and departures, it may be impractical for the site manager to check the chalet with the client upon the client’s arrival.  In this situation, a list of the chalet’s contents will have been established in advance and will be provided for the client on arrival. The client should then inform the site manager as soon as possible if there are any discrepancies. The client should also indicate upon arrival at the property any problems, damage or missing items in the chalet.

Ski France and Ski France Classic Chalets, along with the local site managers, advise clients to check the inventory upon arrival and note down any significant marks and stains, or appliances that do not work properly, and give this in writing to the manager of the property with minimal delay.


  1. Client obligations:

The accommodation will be provided to the client in a good state of repair. It is expected that the client uses the property and its contents respectfully and responsibly. The chalets all conform to French safety regulations and are regularly inspected. They are equipped for holiday use. The maximum occupancy of the accommodation is indicated in its description. The accommodation must never be occupied by a greater number than that stated in the contract.

In locations where amenities such as communal or private swimming pools, saunas, spa pools, gyms or games are available, or other activities are proposed in collaboration with other providers, the client must, before use, judge themselves to be fit, in a good state of health and capable of participating or using the equipment. They must also take note of the instructions regarding usage, maintenance and safety and be sure to understand and respect these rules. If these instructions are not followed, Ski France, Ski France Classic Chalets and the property management will not take any responsibility for damage, loss or injury to those using the equipment.

Finally, Ski France, Ski France Classic Chalets and the site manager reserve the right to deny access to any equipment or service to anyone who refuses to conform to the rules of use or safety.


  1. Responsibility:

Ski France, Ski France Classic Chalets and the property management will not be held responsible for the damage or theft of personal belongings within accommodation, including in individual safes, communal areas, car parks or any other area of the chalet or holiday complex. Similarly, Ski France, Ski France Classic Chalets and the property management will not be held responsible should injury, illness or death occur as a result of the practice of a sport or any other activity organised on or off site.

Ski France or Ski France Classic Chalets will not be responsible for any unforeseen circumstances that may upset or interrupt the holiday or prevent it from taking place.

The client must ensure that they hold valid insurance (travel insurance, comprehensive and civil responsibility, and an extension of home insurance), from a creditworthy insurance provider, proof of which they must be able to provide upon request to Ski France or Ski France Classic Chalets.

Unless a written agreement has previously been accorded, all minors under 16 years of age are the sole and exclusive responsibility of their parents or accompanying adults throughout the duration of the holiday.

The client and any other person not employed by Ski France, Ski France Classic Chalets or the local site’s staff are strictly forbidden to enter any area marked for staff access only. If the above enter these areas it is at their own risk, Ski France, Ski France Classic Chalets and the property management will take no further responsibility.


  1. Complaints:

Any complaint arising during the stay must be brought immediately to the attention of the site manager or head of reception or, if necessary, to the Ski France or Ski France Classic Chalets sales team. If the problem cannot be resolved on-site, the client must notify Ski France or Ski France Classic Chalets in writing within 15 days of the end of the stay, with details of the complaint. After this period, no complaint will be dealt with and no correspondence will be entered into.

In all cases and situations the client must pay the full balance of the stay within the designated time scale, not retaining any of the money owed unless agreed by Ski France or Ski France Classic Chalets. Failure to do so may result in the complaint not being considered by Ski France or Ski France Classic Chalets.


  1. Other information:

Choosing to take holidays in off-peak periods can provide many advantages: there is less traffic on the roads, prices are lower and the atmosphere might be more peaceful. On the other hand, there can be fewer activities available and some shops or services may be limited and/or closed.

Swimming pools and restaurants are usually open however, in early and late season, if there is bad weather or there is cleaning or maintenance to be done (or for any other reason outside our control), it is possible for some services to be unavailable or suspended.

If you wish to make use of a facility, especially if it is essential to your holiday, please ask for confirmation that it will definitely be available during your stay.


Pets are allowed in most of our establishments for a fee: 7€ / 6.50 GBP day/animal or 35€ / 32 GBP week/animal. In our hotels, the price varies between 13 (thirteen) and 20 (twenty) euros per day and per animal This supplement can be paid at the time of booking or locally in resort.


  1. Penalty clause:

For every payment deadline missed, with effect as of the second letter sent to the client, a handling fee of 15 Euros (or a similar GBP amount) per reminder letter will be charged. Should failure to pay become a legal matter, the full amount due will be increased to cover handling fees plus interest charged at the current legal rate, as well as any legal and administrative costs whatever their nature.


  1. Termination of contract:

This contract will be automatically terminated without legal proceedings if the client fails to fulfil any of their obligations or behaves inappropriately in the accommodation thus disturbing other clients or the running of Ski France or Ski France Classic Chalets. In this case, the client must immediately return the keys to the property and may be required to leave with immediate effect.


  1. Legal competence:

Before undertaking any legal proceedings, both parties must attempt to resolve their dispute out of court. Failure to do so may result in the rejection of any claim submitted in court.

If no solution can be reached out of court, parties attribute competence exclusively to the courts of England or Wales.


If you have any questions, please contact us