The self catered service is a flexible and affordable option for your ski break which gives you the freedom to cook at home, or try out the great local restaurants in resort.

Stuck for meal ideas?  Here are a few suggestions to get you going:

Warming soups for starters, the French supermarkets have some excellent tasty soups in cartons, ready to heat up in the micro-wave.  Our favourites are the pumpkin and carrot ones.

Goat’s cheese salad (make the most of the pre-cut smoky bacon bits, ready grilled garlic croutons, and creamy goat’s cheese, easy to grill on bread and ready to serve,  we’d recommend the balsamic and olive oil dressing for your salads).

Smoked salmon, Savoyard savoury quiches, patés or try the tasty pots of ‘duck rillettes’ spread on toast as a quick starter.

For mains, duck confit is quick to do in the oven and to save time, you can order the potato gratin dauphinoise from the delicatessen to accompany it.  There are also the classic but filling family dishes – bolognese, carbonara and fajitas for example (making it easy by using the packs with the sauce and then a pot of guacamole and crème fraiche) …

We also have a selection of patisserie-made fruit tarts on the shopping list and timeless French desserts of crème caramel and chocolate mousse (do try La Laitière chocolate mousse with fine wafers of chocolate in them).

Enjoy choosing your holiday meals and do make the most of the delicatessen dishes, their Tartiflette is delicious as is the chicken in red wine sauce.

We’ll supply salt, pepper, mixed herbs, olive oil, dishwasher tablets, washing up liquid, sponges and tea-towels. We ask that you clean all the dishes and ensure the kitchen stays clean. Please note that the mid-stay and end of stay cleaning does not include the dishes or kitchen.

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